1920’s Gatsby Flapper Dress Tutorial

DIY Flapper Dress (Halloween Costume) | loveigho.com

I love the looks from the 20’s. Hello, Gatsby?! The flapper girls were all about the glitz, glamour and fabulous parties. This look is inspired by the glamour of the 20s, and it’s the perfect look to try this Halloween.

DIY Flapper Dress (Halloween Costume) | loveigho.com


  • An old body con dress (one to two sizes bigger) – find here
  • Matching fringe trim (about 8 ft) – find here
  • Hot glue gun
  • Rhinestones
  • Scissors, ruler/measuring tape and other sewing supplies
  • Flapper costume accessories – find here


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DIY Flapper Dress (Halloween Costume) | loveigho.com

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