3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts

3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts | Love Igho
3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts | Love Igho
3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts | Love Igho
3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts | Love Igho

One of the things I love about being into fashion is seeing how personal style evolves over time. I’m learning more and more about who I really am, instead of mimicking what I see everyone else wearing. Don’t get me wrong, I love being inspired by my favourite fashionistas and I’m slightly open to trying a trend at least once if I feel comfortable enough. But there’s confidence in finding what works for YOU, and one of the things I discovered on this journey is the midi skirt.

These voluminous pieces, with hemlines that stop mid-calf, may seem boring but truly can flatter all body types and can be made to suit different styles—as long as they’re paired with the right top and accessories.

Here are 3 reasons to love them:

A BOLD CHOICE – Despite its reputation for simply being a conservative and modest fashion choice (which it absolutely is), a midi is actually more adventurous than you think! Of course, there’s a certain amount of “cool and sexy” attitude required to rock a revealing top or a short skirt, but it takes just as much to really own a look in a midi-skirt, where the trick is to look fashionable while also covering up.

A SIMPLE & DIVERSE CHOICE – A feminine, sophisticated midi skirt looks great on all body types and accentuates the waist while keeping your look clean and simple. You can wear it to work, out on a date, to church, brunch with the girls on the weekend, depending on how you accessorize it.

A POLISHED STATEMENT – styled correctly, the midi skirt will give you one of the most sophisticated looks. Whether it’s just a skirt or the bottom part of a midi-dress, a midi is a great piece to have if you’d like to change up your look a little, and look classy while doing so! Consider balancing out the length of the skirt by choosing one with a high waist or using a belt to create shape. Then add some additional pop in the footwear department: boots, oxfords, a great pair of heels, and even sneakers.

Dare to try out the midi skirt – you may be surprised at how much you like it.

3 Reasons To Love Midi-Skirts | Love Igho

Skirt  – JustFab (find here)

Blush/White Sweater – Tommy Hilfiger Sold/Out (find alternative here)

Red Fur Sandal – OLD Steve Madden (find alternative here)

Coin Pendant Necklace – OLD (find alternative here)

Leopard Suede Belt – Boohoo (find here)

Blush Blazer – OLD (find alternative here)

Black Satchel Bag – JustFab (find here)

Black Pumps with Side Cut-outs – OLD (find alternative here)

And a feature of some of my favorite midi skirt looks:

My closet is chock full of midi skirts and dresses and it has been for a couple of years, so for me, this is not a trend that I’ll be parting with anytime soon. How ’bout you? Let me know what you think.

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