Rosemary’s Daughter: A Mother’s Day Tribute

A Mothers Day Tribute | LOVE IGHO

There are many things to love about my mother (really many, many things). But one of my favorite things about her is the scar on her right forearm. It’s lumpy, slightly jarring, and dark in contrast to her beautiful light skin. She has become indifferent to it overtime but every time I see it I’m reminded of a character trait that comes naturally to our mothers. That is their lack of hesitation to selflessly serve and sacrifice for their children and family.

See, in 2005, a couple of weeks before my 13th birthday I was in an accident. My mom and I were on a commercial bike (okada) when the tires were hit and we were dragged down the road with the bike on us. It happened so quickly that I can’t even remember all the details of the incident. I just remember opening my eyes to searing pain, the weight of the bike on the right side of my body, and my mother’s arms around me.

In that short amount of time, she never once let go of me. She wrapped her arms around my tiny body as we were dragged down the side of the road. my whole upper body was protected from the impact because she held on so tightly, and her right side bore the brunt of the fall. So today, while I walk around fairly unscathed – left with the memory and a couple of marks on my right leg – my mom has a constant reminder on her arm staring her and everyone else in the face. 

Motherhood is an unselfish act in and of itself, and all mothers make countless sacrifices daily, the results of which are not instantly gratifying. But you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I say that my mom is the most selfless and loving person that I’ll probably ever know in my lifetime (after Jesus of course!).


I love your heart. I love how you know me and my siblings. I love how you love us differently and individually at the same time. I love your warm hugs. I love how when I call you, you pick up the phone and don’t say “Hello!”, you say “My baby!!!”. I love that you’re not the same person you were a decade ago, you keep growing and you keep trying. I love how hardworking you are. I love that my siblings and I love each other because of how you and daddy relate with us. I love that you believe in us. I love how you entertain our new interests and support us no matter what. You are amazing!

On this mother’s day, I celebrate the woman who brought me into the world. Where my life began, waking and loving my mother’s face. She embodies the true ideal of “in sickness and in health”, pure love and patience. My Mommy is a thankless soldier; constantly nurturing, teaching, and giving. I remember my mother’s prayers and they follow me everywhere I go.

I am blessed to have a mother who teaches by example, and has raised my siblings and I to be resourceful, resilient, and kind. I am fortunate to have a mother who listens, and evolves as the world changes, and adapts her parenting style to each individual child or circumstance. Through her, I know not to be scared of learning and starting over no matter the age or time.

All that my mom has taught me has mostly been by example. She guides by loving, and inspires everyone who encounters her. Most importantly, through her example and non-vigorous nature, she pointed me to the one person I can always depend on when all else fails, God! Unlike me, my mother is not long-winded (but she’s not as quiet as she seems 😃)

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You are loyal. You are smart. You are dynamic and a true renaissance woman. You are a pure class act who also knows how to get down and dirty when you need to. You are strong and soft at the same time. You are beautiful! Now and always, I am proud to say “I am Rosemary’s daughter!”. Happy Mothers Day Mommy. You are loved and appreciated. ❤️

To those whose moms are no longer with them, I won’t claim to understand how that feels. But I pray today and everyday that you are embraced with your mother’s unconditional love, and a consciousness that you are her legacy. 

Happy Mother’s Day to Our Everyday Heroes!


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  1. Rosemary
    May 12, 2019 / 5:59 pm

    My Baby , thank you very much , may You and your siblings continue to grow in Wisdom and knowledge in Jesus name . I appreciate you and also grateful to have you as my lovely daughter .

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