Welcome to my blog!

…Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

— Mary Oliver

I’m Omonigho ‘igho’ Lucy Eferere, the creator of Love, Igho – a personal life and style blog I started as a way to answer Oliver’s question for myself. As a girl who wears many hats, Love, Igho is a place where I unpack my interests, inspirations, thoughts, and photos of my personal style and creations.

My Story

I’m a Nigerian living in New York, born and raised in Lagos, and the oldest of four siblings. I attended Uni in Ghana (where I ended up with family that I’m eternally grateful for), graduated with a Pharmacy degree and moved to New York to work on getting my Master’s in Public Health (which I did in 2017). 

I seem to be trading my health profession for being a fashion entrepreneur (JK! That will not happen…I’ll be both)

Aside from fashion, I love books, movies, music, easy-peasy DIY projects, podcasts and taking pictures…and a lot more that I don’t have names for. I’m a true ambivert (self-diagnosed) so I love being alone but I’m also an active talker. I love things that make me laugh and I also love finding wisdom in the most unexpected things.

Most recently, I’ve become the proud owner of a growing brand, ISIObyIgho, an Africa-inspired clothing line.

I’m on a journey of living uninhibitedly and I hope you join me. Let’s discover some amazing things!

What to expect from my blog

Here you’ll find some style inspiration, book/movie reviews, DIY-fashion projects…and some personal insights, all written lovingly by me. New content is published once or twice a week. Should you choose to subscribe to the mailing list, you can do so here, and if you’d like to work together, head on over to my contact page and get in touch!

Love always,