DIY Embroidered Skirt (with Appliqué and Pearls)

DIY Embroidered Skirt (with applique) |

What’s up DIY fam! I’ve been seeing embroidered skirts popping up on my pinterest, and in stores online. As small as they are, they’re also pretty expensive. So, instead of paying big bucks for a pair, I decided to make them myself! I kinda went crazy a little bit and decided to add a few pearls to the mix, and I absolutely love the result.

DIY Embroidered Skirt (with applique) |


Here’s what You’ll Need:

  • Old skirt (or you can make one like I did)
  • Applique
  • Pearled
  • Scissors and other sewing supplies
  • Embroidery Needle and Thread
  • Fabric paper
  • Embroidery scissors


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