A Very Timely Accessory: Engraved Wood Watch

Everyone loves a good accessory, right? I personally think the right ones have a way of pulling an outfit together, especially the ones that go on our hands. Bracelets, rings, bangles, and link chains. They’re very subtle and not only pull your look together, but they also speak to your personality a little bit. The same goes for wristwatches. I think for most people – women especially – a wristwatch is often more than just a timepiece. It’s also a valuable piece of jewelry. All things considered, my Cassia JORD engraved wood watch could not have come at a better time.

A Very Timely Accessory: Engraved Wood Watch | Love Igho

I’ve honestly never owned more than one watch at a time. The watch-buying experience is a little daunting for me, with the variety of watches you’re presented with. Large ones, small ones, shiny ones, dull black or brown ones; different brands, models, colors, and types. But, whether your style is eclectic (like me – at least I think so 😄), it’s always helpful to have an accessory that is stylish, well-crafted and can be worn with different looks, to different events. My stunning wood watch does just that. It’s a unique piece but is also minimalist enough for me to pair with different outfits. 

Generally speaking, there are specific factors you should consider when looking for a watch. The question then is, does a JORD watch play to those factors? Don’t worry, I got you!😉

What to look for in a Watch.

  • STYLE: Of course it should appeal to you, and it should fit your lifestyle. It should also have the functions you want and none of the ones you don’t want. That’s a given!
  • COST: This is an obvious factor unless you’re obsessed with watches and willing to pay for a brand regardless of the price tag. 
  • LEGIBILITY: You should easily be able to READ your watch. Getting a stylish dress watch that’s hard to read is like having an exquisite, fast hypercar that you can’t fit into or drive. It may be fabulous, but it’ll be pointless.
  • COMFORT: Your watch shouldn’t gouge into your wrist or cut off your circulation. It also shouldn’t keep getting caught on things.

To be fair, most of these factors are geared towards individuals looking for a lovely, cool new watch. These may not be the concerns of a true watch enthusiast who just loves a good collector’s timepiece. But, the great thing is JORD offers designs that cater to both, regardless of your style choices. They’ve got you covered.

A Very Timely Accessory: Engraved Wood Watch | Love Igho

Why a JORD watch?

  • Presentation: I absolutely loved the packaging. My wood watch was delivered in a sleek black box, but I was more impressed by what it contained. The small engraved watch box is the most stunningly curated package I’ve ever received. 
  • Personalization: I think most of us are drawn to things (and people) that make us stand our or feel special. So, it’s great that you can get your watch custom-sized to fit you on delivery, and engraved. The option to personalize and engrave my watch really did it for me. I loved it!
  • Material & Quality: The watch combines a mix of beautifully textured wood and natural materials, detailed craftings, and the most sophisticated dial. It really is a beauty and pairs well with other accessories, too. Plus, the buckle was easy to open and close and I personally appreciate that – my goodness, the buckle stories I could tell ya 😄.
  • Technologically Advanced: In addition to natural watches, JORD also offers exotic wooden Apple bands and a lot of other fun accessories. 

Now, the good news is that JORD is generously giving one lucky LOVE, IGHO reader $100 off a watch of their choosing. Other entrants will also be emailed a discount code for 10% off after the giveaway has closed. How cool is that?!

This is a steal considering the quality of work that goes into these accessories. Every watch also comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange. And that’s not all! Here’s another bonus – FREE Shipping WORLDWIDE!

Seriously, what are you waiting for? Get your chance at $100 off one of these pieces.



Before now, had you heard of JORD Watches? What do you think of their models? I would love to see how you style it, so connect with me, comment below and let me know!

*DISCLAIMER: This post was done in collaboration with JORD Wood Watches. However, all opinions are 100% mine.❤️

A Very Timely Accessory: Engraved Wood Watch | Love Igho

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