February Journal ’19

Every year, time seems gets away from us so quickly. But this year I am giving myself to genuinely and mindfully appreciating the PROCESS of life itself. If you think that’s a corny line I found on some Pinterest quote, you’d be absolutely right. It’s still true though. In the spirit of doing so, I’d like to start doing a quick monthly roundup of some of the small things that made me happy and lessons I learnt from them.

Before we get into it, Y’all know I just launched this blog!!! That’s #1 and it’s exciting and scary as hell, so I must be doing something right. I’m grateful for those who helped me take this leap of faith, and are here taking the time to read my thoughts. You are the real MVP.

Side Note: Since LoveIgho was launched in February, I’ll be including some stuff from January as well.

So here we go:


Passing through by Nneka Julia | Love Igho

This podcast episode “Passing through Marrakesh” by the brilliant storyteller Nneka Julia looks at the dangers of unchecked egos and treating every encounter with a person as a chance to learn how to live or how not to live. If you haven’t listened to NnekaJ share her wisdom collected through her experiences with places and people, you should.


None are so empty as those who are full of themselves

-Benjamin Whichcote


This Blog Post on “What to do when things fall apart” by Abiola.

Sometimes I wonder about our generation and the times we’re in, and it worries me a bit. But then, on the same social media that can drive you crazy, you find certain people – God-kind of people – that help your mind slow down. Abiola’s inner circle is quickly becoming one of those accounts for me, and in this post, she uses the shipwreck that Apostle Paul experienced to explain how to respond when life spirals out of control. Really good stuff!

For example, one day last month, I was legit in full panic mode and overwhelmed by all the things that were going wrong. It was Thursday and I was nowhere near the end of my to-do-list for the week. That day I found her post captioned “Genuine #notetoself don’t become a slave to “goals” & don’t despise the days of humble beginnings.” Bros, my soul calmed down quickly, I poured myself a cup of water and started listening to a message on resting and reigning in life through Christ Jesus. I cannot come and go (and come and go) and kill myself.

I didn’t get all the things I wanted that week but I worked in peace to finish up what NEEDED to be done. Sometimes the stress is not worth it.

LION HEART – the movie

See ehn, you should see this movie whether you’re Nigerian or not. My reason for appreciating it is not even rooted in anything deep. I’m just elated that for once a Nigerian family is NOT being portrayed as being at each other’s throats or backstabbing each other over property or money. We finally see how much progress can be made when a family knows that they’re all on the same team, and the uncle is not trying to kill everybody; plus I loved seeing my Nigerian-veteran actors – ‘nuf said.

Shortly after it’s release at home, I heard that pirated copies were being peddled on the streets of Lagos. We will never change (ALL OF US…LOL). Despite the fact that my homeland and I have a slight tumultuous relationship, we will always root for each other, and this movie made me feel home again. Plus we got paid a lot of money too (Yes, it is OUR money).

RUSSIAN DOLL – Netflix Series

Russian Doll | Love Igho

I’m not ashamed to say that I binge-watched the Netflix series Russian Doll in one day (also, it was only 8 episodes – approx. 25minutes each). I really, really loved it. Before I pressed play, I was sceptical because of its Groundhog Day premise, but I got invested pretty quickly. It was also a weird show to watch but so striking and so smart that you can’t help but be impressed by how carefully constructed the series is. It’s one of the best comedic dramas I’ve seen in a while.

The main character dies about 7 times before the end of episode 2, so…IDK man. I can’t say much else about what makes it awesome without giving spoilers but I will say this, Russian Doll is spunky, incredibly funny, and downright extraordinary. It was strangely comforting in a way though – once you get past all the death and dying and dying and dying… On the surface, it seems like it’s exploring what happens when we die, but as I followed the arcs, I found that its actually more about finding out the kind of people we are WHILE we’re alive.

STAY WITH ME – book by Ayobami Adebayo

I highly recommend and my thoughts on this are fully detailed in this post here.


My best friends wedding reunion | Love Igho

So this is one of my favourite romance movies, and it turned 20 this year (entertainment weekly did a whole spread about it here). Plus, it was the “season of love” this past month so of course, I had to rewatch it for the 107th time. It’s got love, Julia Roberts, karaoke, a young Dermot Mulroney (although the older one is still a dreamboat πŸ˜‰ ), a gay best friend, and an amazing soundtrack. What more do you need, right?

Lesson: People are loving and also deeply flawed, and love…love is caring, sensitive and often sacrificing. In the end, you just have to know when to let go. You can’t always get what you want (in the words of The Rolling Stones).

Nike’s Ad by Serena Williams

The Grand Slam queen admonishes us (women) to continue to aspire to greatness and never relent despite the fact that we’re:

  • playing in an unleveled playing field.
  • called illogical, weak, vain, and empty when the world “grooms” us as girls to be emotional, loving, beautiful, and desired. How paradoxical, right?

So, dare to dream big and express yourself when you know you’ve been wronged. The Ad also begs the question, ‘who is more fragile?’ The person who is brave enough to say when something hurts, or the person who cannot apologize or admit to having caused pain. Sensitivity, empathy and compassions; these are superpowers.


I’m not saying we should be at the mercy of our emotions, but life is too short for you not to express yourself.


Right at the end of the month, Ben Platt released a new single “Grow as we go” from his upcoming album. This was a fantastic way to end February and I can’t be the only one who thinks he’s the sweetest, right? Just me? Alright, cool.

Some things I struggled with:

– Missing my parents a whole lot. Not just in talking or communicating with them (because we do that often) but the actual touch of my mom’s warm cushy body and my daddy’s hug πŸ™

– Dealing with feelings of incompetence that I guess comes with growing and having to learn new skills or thought processes. Most of mine also comes from UN-learning bad habits but I know that the results will be worth it.

– Minor ever-present headaches, probably from light sensitivity, which is unavoidable at this point as I now spend most of my life working in front of one screen or the other. However I know, I believe and I declare “By His stripe, I am healed, in Jesus name.”

What are some of the things that made you happy this past month? “Little” or significant, count your blessings!!! I want to know, really.

Feb 2019 Monthly Turnover | Love Igho

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