A Linen Shift Dress For Summer: Pretty in Pink

Linen Shift Dress For Summer | Love Igho

Happy ‘almost’ weekend friends! Hope your week has been lovely so far? Yesterday, I had a thought, in the middle of a thought…LOL. I was working on my laptop, going from window to window, and tab to tab, and I found myself smiling. It just hit me! I’m loving this! I’m actually loving what I do – and I wasn’t working on the blog at the time. I was handling some other business, but I was working and happy to do what I was doing. Nothing is working – not in the slightest; most days I’m grateful to receive clarity on what I should do at exact times; basically, I’m a high-functioning mess. But things are a little less claustrophobic and I’m breathing a lot better. So, I want to send this good vibe to whoever needs it, and is reading this. May your life – in whatever current state be filled with reminders to take deep breaths and trust your process. Anyway, I digress… Today, I’m sharing this lovely and simple linen shift dress that I made.

But first, a quick quote…

With every mindful breath you take, let gratitude lead your eyes to see: there is so much life to live, even in your uncertainty.

Morgan Harper Nichols
Linen Shift Dress For Summer | Love Igho
Linen in Summer

So, the dress was made out of the leftover fabric from this skirt. Actually, I think it may have been the other way round. I made it before I started documenting my DIYs, so I don’t have a tutorial (yet 😉). I’ll probably make one for my sister or a friend, and then I’ll document that one for ya!

I’m a sucker for comfortable linen dresses for summer, and if you’d prefer to stay cool, I’m guessing you do too. For summer, most of us want something that will keep us cool while we’re on the move. This dress is perfect for that. It can also be dressed down with flats, sneakers, or sandals, so you’ll get a ton of use out of a dress like this. I was on my way back from church, hence the heels, but I think I swapped them for some flats on my way home. A girl can only hop on/off the NYC subway in heels for so long, am I right?! It literally took like 45minutes to 1 hour to make it and I can’t wait to share the DIY with you. I say all this to say, if you’re thinking of what to wear that’ll be easy to throw on and that’ll keep you cool, try a linen shift dress.

Linen Shift Dress For Summer | Love Igho
Linen Shift Dress For Summer | Love Igho

I hope this at the very least gives you ideas for the summer. It’s almost the weekend, so I hope you have a great one, and always a huge thank you for stopping by!

Linen Shift Dress For Summer | Pin | Love Igho

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