May Journal ’20

May Journal 2020 | Love Igho

When your heart is bent toward justice
and you feel the weight of what has not changed,
Fighting a FIGHT that keeps taking on new shapes.
It does not make you weak when your tired heart is broken.
Do not let them shame you because your wounds are still open. – Morgan Harper Nichols

Last night I was thinking of how scary this world is. But no matter how dark it gets, I know those of love and light will shine, we will not be shrinking violets; not for any reason, person, situation or circumstance. We will not be made small or broken.

I know we’re in difficult times, so I pray everyone that is hurting finds the healing they deserve.
On another note, Violence is wrong (we’re on the same page about that) BUT If you have/know people who are angrier about the “style” of protesting and looting than about the immense injustice that blatantly happens everyday, confront them and let them know they are part of the problem.
If you know people whose response to Uwa’s abuse and death is “but NOT all men rape nah”, tell them to take several seats. A girl gets raped IN A CHURCH and your response is “wetin she dey find there? & which kain book she dey read during CoVid-19?” Hmmm… If you sit on the fence and decide to not say anything, especially when you hear your friends and family members spew ignorance, YOU ARE A VERY BIG PART of the problem. .
Please educate yourself. Protect your peace, and stand for what is right; albeit in private, but take a stance.

Sending love and light your way as we begin the new month. ❤️

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