10 Productive Things To Do On A Sunday

10 Productive Things To Do On A Sunday | Love Igho

How fast does your weekend go? Friday/Saturday stretches for me a little, but as soon as Sunday comes along, it seems like everything goes fast. Some Sundays, it probably because I stay way too long tucked in bed so the whole day feels wasted. On other Sundays, I spend the mornings in my church (plus after-service socialization) so by the time I get home its 2 pm, and the day is over.

When this happens, I start going into panic mode because I feel unprepared for the rest of the week. Naturally, I’m not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants type of gal. I’ve always been more of a planner, but lately, I’ve been on a path to finding still waters so I’ve kinda found a good mid-point. What I do is find ways to be productive while remaining chill. In this post, I’m sharing 10 productive things to do on a Sunday to help you prepare for the week ahead.

10 Productive Things To Do On A Sunday | Love Igho

If your weekend goes by quickly like mine, here is a list of 10 productive things you can do on a Sunday to make the week more manageable. Think of all the time you’ll save in the coming week if you have an idea of what you want to do when, how and where. 

Of course, the list is not exhaustive and you don’t have to do EVERYTHING on it because:

  • they may not all apply to you
  • there’s only so much time in a day
  • you shouldn’t do it at the expense of your Sunday relaxation. 

Just choose a few things that will help make the week easier. Do 1, do all 10…it’s really up to you! Keep reading to find out how to prepare yourself for a productive week.

Life, Work & Space

  • Review your Calendar for the Week. Do you have a meeting coming up? When is it? What do you need to be prepared for it? Are there errands that you need to run before the day of the meeting? Take a quick look at what’s coming.
  • Prioritize. I like to do a top 3-5 things that I need to get done by Monday and Tuesday. Start your day plan around the top priorities, and go from there.
  • Schedule. Give actual time slots to your tasks and projects, as opposed to just adding everything at the last minute. I used to say in my head, “that’ll probably take 15 minutes”. But will it? WILL IT? No! 😂 The task ends up being an hour long. So make sure your tasks are spread out to make them manageable, instead of underestimating them.
  • Check Your Emails. Even right now, as I write this (on a Saturday) I’m dreading checking my emails tomorrow afternoon. I’ve put them off for so long. Spend 15 minutes checking you’re emails. Maybe some folks like it 🤷🏿. For me it’s annoying, but it will help you feel more prepared for your Monday workload. Write down the urgent tasks that need your attention, and file away anything that doesn’t need your response. 
  • Organize the Documents on Your Computer. This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point, but cleaning up your computer is just as liberating. Basically, either file it or delete it! While you’re at it, 

Fashion & Beauty

  • Wash your makeup brushes. This really doesn’t take up as much time as energy as we girls anticipate. Just think, your future unclogged pores will thank you for it later. Just play some music and get it done in like 15 minutes. 
  • Organize your drawers and closet. This is honestly, the best chore for me. I should not even call it a chore. Organizing closets are my life’s joy, and just think, finding clothes in the morning will be easy-peasy, if you can actually SEE where they are.
  • Plan your outfits for the week. Apparently, there are even apps for this. LOL! 


  • Plan something fun to look forward to. A movie night, drinks with a friend, a walk, a fitness class, reading a couple chapters in a book. It could really be anything, as long as it’s fun for you. 
  • Give yourself a break. I do this by setting a time block an hour before I go to sleep. I “turn off” electronics, games and social media to give my mind time to settle down away from the harsh glare of a screen.

There! 10 productive things to do on a Sunday to help you prepare for the week. Even incorporating a few of these into your Sunday routine can totally change your productivity level. My last tip is that you do them with ease. After all, the goal is to care for yourself, not to add more stressors (I share some self-care ideas in this post here) Productivity tips, or your inability to carry them out, should not be anything to feel guilty about. 

Cheers to a productive week!

10 Productive Things To Do On A Sunday | Love Igho

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