5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right: Solopreneur Hacks

Hello! So, I played around this weekend with my IG reels, showing what life as a sole-entrepreneur looks like for a digital creator. As I was editing the clips and putting them all together, I couldn’t help but think about how REAL the struggle is to get things done. Especially when it’s a one woman/man show. However, as you’ll bear witness, the work still manages to get done in spite of all that we have to go through as a business owners/ content creators. So, I thought I’d share my selected top 5 quotes to keep your mindset right.

You know how incredibly powerful the mind is. That is why it’s important that we feed it responsibly. Anyway, here’s the link to the IG reel video I was referring to, and the quotes follow right after.

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right

1. Consistency

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

I love John Maxwell’s thought on the results of Consistency: small disciplines repeated with consistency everyday lead to great achievements gained slowly over time. I think it sums it all up. If only we understood how important it is to be consistent.

Everything that has value in life is a product of consistency. Success, health, fitness, wealth, friendships, relationships, and other goals are all about growth through consistency.

“Consistency is KEY” That is a popular saying; it’s common but it’s true. So, remember it: Passion + consistency = success.

2. Fear: be afraid but do it anyway

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

Have you seen The Princess Diaries? If you have then you know the quote Mia’s father left her. “My dear Amelia…

Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear; The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.”

When it comes to starting your journey, or being on your journey, courage is the key ingredient. And you need it every single day.

Even the people you look up to have imperfections, doubts, and fears. But they show up everyday, bravely putting their thoughts out there, putting themselves on display, bravely taking the next steps towards the life they’re creating. And I applaud that – and you too, for showing up – ‘cos I know that kind of courage doesn’t come easy. But the reward is worth it – the result is that your mere words can heal someone, and your work will make an impact.

Which leads to the next quote?

3. Impact

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

Sometimes, it’s damn near impossible to measure impact. And until you’re told, you never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them, or the caption you wrote as an encouragement to your 100 followers.

Regardless of your reach, your work can trigger a person into taking actions that change lives. You could be delivering exactly what someone needs to hear at some low point.

So, don’t underestimate the reach of your voice! Remember that you are unique! You are being crafted by God, so you are loved. You are a person of extreme value and significance.

You may have been praying so long for the strength and courage to take all the steps in front of you, BUT you are already strong. And you have what it takes to bloom where you’re planted.

4. Live

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

Mistakes are Proof That You’re Trying”. Zig Ziglar said that.
Focus on that! You’re trying! Everyday that you wake up and take a step towards your goal, you have done enough.

Strive to be more productive and disciplined, but know that your value – as a creative, business owner, employee, and human being – is not measured by how productive you are. You’ll make mistakes, and some days will provide more tangible results that others. Just don’t confuse your “failures” as a measure of your significance as a person.

So, live free and try to enjoy all your phases. Don’t let your life go unnoticed.

Life was meant to be lived, and curiosity must be kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn one’s back on life.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

5. Overthinking

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

Don’t be crippled by indecision. You can spend so much time thinking and “researching” and deliberating on whether or not the next step is the right one to take, and making sure that the your decisions won’t end in mistakes. At the end of the day, your thoughts won’t produce results, actions will.

The QUESTION now is “how do you know you’re making the right decision out of all your options or choices?” YOU DON’T 🤷🏾‍♀️.

The best you can do is make a choice, work hard at it with as much efficiency as you can, and make adjustments as you go. Basically, DO. ASSESS. LEARN. GROW. DO again. I saw a tweet from @abxola earlier that said “The biggest hack is DOING the work” and it’s soooo true.

So, the most liberating advice I can give is this. Don’t Judge Yourself for the decisions that you take – whether they prove right or wrong. You probably did the best you knew to do at the time, and it’s perfectly okay. You’ve learned 💁🏾‍♀️ so take the next step and keep going.

Finally, as a bonus, I’ll add a quote by me.

Breathe. Rest.”


This is a long #notetoself that I’m always reminded of. Thank God! Take the time to occasionally SLOW IT ALL DOWN. Pause from your full calendar and long to-do lists. Take a moment— or ten— to simply be. To remind yourself that there is life, right here and right now. Reacquaint yourself with your pulsing heart and your incredible body that allows you to do all that you do. You’re doing much better than you think.

To my fellow sole entrepreneurs: I only shared 5 quotes to keep your mindset right but I know there are lots more. We would love to hear some of yours. What words have helped/keep helping you on your journey?

5 Quotes To Keep Your Mindset Right | Solopreneur Tips | Love Igho

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