September Journal ’19

September 2019 Journal | Love Igho

If I had to pick ONE word to describe the month of September, I’d say it was NOSTALGIC. That’ll be the theme for my September journal.

adjective nos·tal·gic /näˈstaljik,nəˈstaljik/
: longing for or thinking fondly of a past time or condition

…but without the feelings of longing. I had an old friend visit all the way from London and while she was with me, we went to spent time with a close mutual friend. We got to experience each other’s differences, saw how much we’d grown over the years – cos life will do that to you. We shared good stories, laughed a lot. For me, there was no wistful yearning to return to the past but it was great to feel that sense of ease and love in just being with people who knew you way back when. And to just have fun uninhibitedly. It felt like coming home 😊.

(I’m going to keep this post short)

What’s been happening?

I launched my YouTube channel and it’s been going great. It’s a lot of work and I’m still trying to figure out the scheduling aspect of it all. Most days it’s overwhelming because of other things that I have to do, but my mantra has been “grow slowly. You’re making progress.”

I figure that it’s going to be a long journey especially since I’m not getting a lot of traffic yet. All in all, this is the scariest/ most exciting time of my life and my goal is to PAY ATTENTION. I don’t want to miss the process’s I want to make sure I remember the beginning.

That being said, subscribe to my YouTube channel here 😉

With just 3 months left, I choose to live out the rest of the year in gratitude. I receive 🤲🏾 strength to continue to be productive and steadfast in my pursuits. AND I WILL be ready to do the work that comes with the blessings that manifest 🙌🏾

Be bold
Be gentle with you
Live free! ❤️

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