Why You Should Be Making Your Bed Every Morning

You know, sometimes I wonder if certain topics are even important to talk/write about. I just assume we’re mostly grown people and will do what we do. So, you’ll either make your bed or you won’t! Then why bother taking about “why you should be making your bed every morning.”? See, I asked 3 friends and 2 acquaintances how often they make their bed everyday and only 2 of them said “every morning, for sure”. It’s a small sample size, but still that’s barely half. That conversation launched a mini-debate as to whether the task was even necessary or not; apparently, I hit a sore spot. 😀

I jokingly said ‘most of the reluctance is from childhood trauma of being forced to do it as a chore’, but i low-key wasn’t joking. So, while I totally understand the hesitation of making your bed in the morning, there are some very good, life-impacting reasons why tidying up your bed is a really good idea.


Here’s Why You Should Be Making Your Bed

CONFIDENCE: It Starts Your Day Off Right

Making you bed every morning is a subtle daily act of self-discipline, motivation and most importantly self-love. It’s a small task that – if included in your morning routine – will give your day structure and a sense of pride.

I attended a military boarding school for all 6 years of high-school and I hated every moment of the “forced” tasks we were made to do every morning like making our beds. However, like most things in life, you don’t see the value of the lessons learned until the moment itself passes. And I’m grateful for the “forced” structure that was instilled in me from those days.

Why You Should Be Making Your Bed Every Morning | love igho


These two go hand-in-hand. It’s almost impossible to make your bed in the morning and leave the nightstand or the nearby table messy. It just rarely happens. It won’t even feel right to your mind’s eye…LOL. The most beautiful room will look untidy if the bed is unmade, and the reverse is true: when you make your bed, it pulls the room together even if the rest of the room isn’t perfect or properly styled. And once one part of your bedroom/apartment/house is tidy, it pushes you to clean up all the other areas. Now, it may not always look Pinterest-worthy but everything will be in it’s proper place

Also, it would be really hard to feel relaxed or creative in a space that is cluttered and messy. Unfortunately, you may go about your day wondering why things feel a little off. And I’m not saying an unmade bed is the cause of all brain fog, but it’s the little things that make a big difference.

MOOD BOOSTER: It Improves Your Mood & Reduces Stress

You spend a lot of time in your bedroom – at least 8 hours a day. These days (hello, COVID-19) those hours are extended. So, it makes sense that the way your room looks will impact your mental state. When your space is made up, you’re subconsciously letting yourself know that you are cared for. You’ll create a space for peace and a sense of calm that extends to the deep parts of you.


At night, when it’s time to go to bed, you can look forward to sweet respite knowing that your bed is made. This is what sells it for me! I’m a simple woman…LOL. For great sleep, a neat, tidy bedroom is much better for sleep than a space that looks like you were raised by wolves. Were you raised by wolves??? If the answer is NO, then make your bed 😉.

Overall, what I’m saying is this: If you find that you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a couple of minutes each morning to make your bed. It may be just the thing to improve your life. For me, it’s extra hard to get out of bed on the days that feel heavy. But I’ve found over time that this simple step is a great way to bring a sense of control back into your life, and it energizes you. I hope you’ll give it a try!

Why You Should Be Making Your Bed Every Morning | love igho

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